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The Friends of Park Lane Primary School is a group of parents, carers and staff who dedicate their free time and energy to help, plan, organise and run events to raise money for the school throughout the year. The money raised goes directly into enriching our children's education with equipment, workshops and subsidising school trips. 
All funds raised are used to enhance the social and educational aspects of the whole school.


Like you, we are hardworking parents and carers looking to get value for money everyday. And we all want our children to get the best start in life possible and their education is a central pillar of that best start.


We want all pupils to feel strongly about being part of the Park Lane Primary School Community and the school uniform is an important step in making your child feel like they belong.

As any experienced parent will tell you your child's school uniform takes a daily beating. The better the school - the better the activities it provides the children - and the more of a beating their uniform takes. 

Park Lane Primary School looks to provide some exceptional activities, hence the uniform provided to your child needs to be ready !

We aim to provide the best value for your money with the uniform items sold at this shop. The items are strongly made and built to last the many many wash cycles they are about to experience.  

We believe these items, over the course of a school year, will deliver the best value for your money.


And the added bonus for you is that when you purchase from us you know that 100% of all the profits are going to go back to the school and the pupils to fund equipment and more activities!

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